About Mia's Soul Healing Method With Spirit

About Mia's Soul Healing Method: Healing With Spirit

All content for this course has been channeled with the help of spiritual beings and is tailored to more advanced students who have completed Course 2 - Soul and Your Divine Heritage.

All information Mia receives for the remote healings - and during live group call channelings - comes through your or her own guidance and Soul and addresses your needs in the now moment. Your soul always knows what is needed and what is best for you at any given time.

The principle is similar to working with the weather, whereby a higher, divine intelligence knows what is for the highest good at any given point in time.

Parts of this course are based on a divine healing process called "Your Divine Soul Essence™" which Mia "received" in 2002. This process is unique and was given to Mia by Spirit during channelings and meditations. This healing process is also incorporated in all Mia's work, her group calls, MP3s, and personal sessions.

Mia has a multi-sensory awareness and can simultaneously provide healing in multiple dimensions with her clairvoyant and channeling ability and the help of spiritual guidance.

Everyone is born with a unique or True Self. This is part of your soul. This is taken into consideration for each of the clearing calls in this course. This True Self knows why you were born. It also knows the overall direction of your life at any given moment.

It completely understands you and knows what is needed to heal the obstacles you are facing. It knows why you are stressed or may not be feeling so loving or why you do not like your present situation any longer. Your True Self knows how to make changes to any "form" associated with your reality, such as family patterns, your creativity, your life's path, and the weather.

With the help of channeled information from Spirit during all the live group calls and the additional healings, your blockages and belief patterns will automatically begin to clear once your soul gains the understanding with the help of Spirit.

During this course a better, truer version of yourself will gradually emerge once you begin to receive the clearings for each of the calls. Your Soul knows what you need and together with Spirit will help clear your obstacles.

This new version of your Self will have greater empowerment through a spiritual connection and help with improvements to your close relationships.

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