About Mia den Haan

Mia was born with her spiritual gifts and came into her full potential in 2002 when she was given a special healing method called Your Divine Soul Essence™ through her ability to channel Spirit.

She offers a special soul healing process, which she uses in all her spiritual healing and teachings. Mia has completed more than 15,000 sessions with both private individuals and groups, with excellent results, in over 45 countries, always including the "Your Divine Soul Essence™" healing method in her sessions and group healings

As a spiritual healer and channel for Spirit, Mia receives information directly from your own soul’s highest level of wisdom. She can receive guidance for any issue, personal or family, or business. She receives information about your body, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes, karmic issues, or your genetic lineage. She very much embodies your soul with the wisdom of Spirit as it is given to her through her channeled messages from Spirit.

The miracle healings people received, including those of a physical nature, were all done through distant healings.

Her autism healings were documented in two books, one authored by the mother of one of her severely disabled and autistic young clients.

Mia has, from time to time, received prophecies, such as ones about future weather and planetary changes that are now happening. These weather and planetary predictions are documented in an earlier published book she authored.

Mia is also a certified Life and Business Coach, with many years of practical business experience as a business owner and employer since 1990.

Her spiritual gifts have also been used in business dynamics, such as with workplace bullying, management, burnout, and a variety of interpersonal, staff, and management-related issues.

The life changing results of Mia's spiritual gifts are reflected in the many testimonials on her website.

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